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1. When I’m with people I don’t know well, I:

I feel solid and confident about what my unique gifts, talents, and abilities are.

On a daily basis, negative and/or critical thoughts about myself tend to crop up:

In general, I’m very mindful about taking good care of myself through eating healthy, getting intentional movement, and resting when I need to.

When I’m in one-on-one conversation with someone else, I tend to:

I spend this much time per week being intentionally kind and serving others for no reason or reward:

I have a solid understanding and appreciation for the value I bring to others through my talents, abilities, and/or work.

How many meaningful connections and relationships (outside of family) regularly support and encourage me?

I regularly seek out opportunities to expand and grow my gifts and talents.

When I’m afraid or nervous about doing something, I:

I intentionally use my unique gifts and talents:

When a dream settles into my heart, I: